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Police officers issue thousands of tickets every month, resulting in countless court cases across municipal courts in New Jersey every year. Before you hastily plead guilty to any charges filed against you, be sure to consult with a qualified municipal court attorney to find out whether or not those charges are worth fighting! Even if it seems unlikely at the time, these cases can result in long-term and often devastating repercussions on your personal life and the life of your family.

Once you plead guilty, your insurance premiums could increase dramatically, your driving privileges may get revoked, and fines will begin to rack-up. Pleading guilty could result in a loss of freedom, loss of financial stability, and ultimately can put you in a position that makes it difficult to perform your normal daily functions.

Frank J Howley Attorney At Law specializes in this area of law, and although we work with all types of legal cases, we have extensive experience in representing clients as their municipal court attorney in the following areas:

• DMV Suspensions and Fines
• Juvenile Crimes
• Shoplifting
• Disorderly Conduct

There is no need to suffer through the complexities of municipal court issues. Hire Frank J Howley Attorney At Law to shoulder the burden for you. We will fiercely fight for your side, and devote ourselves to achieving success in your case!

We know municipal court can be a pain! That is why there is no sense in going through it alone. Let Frank J Howley Attorney At Law shoulder some of the burden by fiercely representing you as your municipal court attorney! Reach out to our office for a free consultation today!