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Nobody wants to find themselves or their families tied-up in the emotional ordeal of family court. However, when something serious happens, and you...
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Police officers issue thousands of tickets every month, resulting in countless court cases across municipal courts in New Jersey every year. Before you...
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Criminal court is a very serious matter, and certainly not an issue that you can (or should) ignore. When summoned to appear in criminal court, it is ideal to...

Frank J Howley Attorney At Law is a tough criminal defense attorney that will fight for your rights.

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You never know when you will be accused of a crime or find yourself in need of a family attorney, or when you will find yourself being summoned to appear at a municipal court proceeding. But, if any of those things happen, you are better off being represented by an experienced attorney that will fight for you with every available resource, than by someone that is court-appointed or a lawyer with less experience.

Facing court is serious stuff, and not something you want to be dealing with by yourself. Even though the constitution guarantees everyone the right to legal counsel, every year countless New Jersey residents face court without a dedicated lawyer fighting on their side. Seeking qualified legal representation is a wise decision, especially since the potential consequences of having a less experienced attorney may include court fees, steep fines, or even prison time!

Frank J Howley Attorney At Law is known throughout Howell, NJ, for passionately defending our clients in a wide range of legal matters. As your legal counsel, we can immediately begin representing you in any of the following capacities:

• Family Attorney—Family law is complex, and dealing with it can be overwhelming. By hiring a knowledgeable family law attorney, you increase the likelihood of a favorable outcome and a swift resolution to your case. DYFS (DCPP) Litigation

• Municipal Court Attorney—Dealing with municipal court can be a laborious and time-consuming process. Having a devoted municipal law expert on your side is a step towards ensuring that you get treated fairly, and you achieve a positive outcome in your case.

• Criminal Defense Attorney—Criminal court can have serious consequences on the lives of everyone involved. Get a criminal defense professional to represent your side of the story to better secure your freedom and your rights.

Whether it is a criminal, family, or municipal court matter, if you need a lawyer in Howell, NJ, then you need the expertise of Frank J Howley Attorney At Law. So, call us today and get a free consultation!